Missy Van Licks
Missy Van Licks
Written on 01.06.2023 at 09:39 by Missy Van Licks

Dear Guests,

dates in June you can book a session are few. So you better be fast.

Your Missy Van Licks

Missy Van Licks
Written on 07.05.2023 at 13:12 by Missy Van Licks

Golden shower & KV tasting

NS and KV, served on a silver platter. Or maybe directly from the source? There are so many ways to please you with my precious excretions and I do it with great pleasure. What pleases me the most? The absolute submission on your part, which drives me even dirtier and kinkier to the act.

 The facts:


- Period: 08.05.-22.05.23 in each case in the morning 10.00-12.00Uhr

- Tribute: 1hr= 350€ instead of 400€

- Tribute: 2 hrs=650€ instead of 800€

- Deposit: 50% via PayPal or bank transfer

- Requests: to info@missyvanlicks.com

 Your request should include the following:

- Your name

- Desired date

- desired time

- your ideas, preferences, limits


I am looking forward to meet you.

Missy Van Licks

Missy Van Licks
Written on 16.04.2023 at 09:17 by Missy Van Licks

Next week it's time: I'm traveling again to Düsseldorf to the Domizil der Gräfin.

So you have the chance to meet me in NRW, or to see me again.

Requests as always by mail to: info@missyvanlicks.com or by Tel:+49 15224097997

Missy Van Licks
Written on 23.02.2023 at 10:46 by Missy Van Licks

Take your chance and meet me outside of Berlin.

MUNICH: 15.03.+16.03.23

DÜSSELDORF: 19.04.-21.04.23

Inquiries by mail or Whatsapp. Infos about bookings are also available on: www.missyvanlicks.de

Missy Van Licks
Written on 24.12.2022 at 10:20 by Missy Van Licks

I wish all my guests who visited me this year and of course also my online fans who have diligently bought videos here a Merry Christmas.

Your Missy Van Licks