Missy Van Licks


Mein Shop


As you surely know, I like to take what I want. You will be my living toilet or my trained lick slave. And when you here this, suddenly you want to be very close to your mistress? Of course you want that! You will now buy one or more worn strings from me directly! I like to refine these with my delicious pee or caviar. You can smell them and taste me! And if you've got a taste for it, you may be able to experience the whole thing in a real session!


Since you have completely fallen in love with me and of course you want to be a good slave, it is imperative to regularly worship an altar with personal things of mine! Here you have the chance to buy used boots, high heels and nylon stockings. Inhaled deeply, it acts like an *******icant that you can no longer stop taking it. There you go!


Many of my admirers love my special voice and can no longer live without it. You also want to experience a special kind of brainfuck, listen to my commands and obey unconditionally? Believe me, you will!


I expect you to look well-groomed and also you have to get the best out of yourself when you come to a session with me! Here you can choose personalized fetish accessories and wear them to my delight. You will feel much more like my property immediately . You proudly wear your new collar and hope for a smile from your goddess.