Missy Van Licks
Sissyfication-Plug to Go-Part 1
Sissyfication-Plug to Go-Part 1

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My tender sissy slut visits me in the domina studio to learn how she can make all her holes accessible in the future. The goal in this two-part series is to suck up the biggest plug of all time in her asshole and wear it for a long time. At the beginning she is subjected to a deep throat training. Because every bitch should know how a hard horny cock has to be sucked in the best possible way. And who doesn't like this noise when the cock is pushed really deep into the slut's mouth! Of course she is wearing a penis cage because only her fuck holes are interesting today! I warm up her hungry asspussy a little. I fuck her with an average sized dildo. Since I'm very impatient, however, she can make friends with the big plug immediately afterwards. Will she really be able to take it after such a short time?